The cost for our services depends on the type of appraisal provided and is detailed as follows.

Appraisal fees are based on the estimates of time required to appraise standard items, i.e. diamond engagement rings, gemstone jewellery, most watches.  Complicated/exceptional items may incur a surcharge. In such case the fee will be quoted prior to commencing the appraisal.

Complicated items, as example, in terms the quantity, size and type of gemstone, as well as watches and antique items requiring research can take more time to appraise and cost more to appraise. Please email a photo of your item. It can allow us to provide you with a quote, should you feel that your item is of the more unusual nature.

If you are unsure as to which items require full appraisal, upload your image and we will respond with a quotation of appraisal fees.

Optionally, providing us with a brief description of the items and the type of gemological/appraisal service you are looking for, will help us meet your needs. The most common appraisal services we provide are for insurance purposes and estate/trust settlement, however many clients just want to know the quality of their items or to confirm a sellers claims of value.

How it works:

send the photo of your item with any information you have about your item to the;

our appraiser will take a look at your items and provide a quotation and estimation of appraisal time, send an invoice and agreement with our company;


experts value your item;

you will receive an appraisal report by email. If you need a hard copy, delivery cost will be included in our invoice.